“Easy Peasy Painting A Chippy Look”

If I can do it anybody can….I just Love, Love , Love old chippy paint. I have been trying to create the chippy look for a while, of course without using my Milk Paint, I love Milk Paint, if you do it right it can chip like crazy, but now that I found Sea Spray by Dixie Belle its so fun. It is a texture additive “powder form” you add to paint to make it thicker and give texture to just about anything you can paint. So I have been doing a little experimenting with it and came up with a great way to create a layered texture look.

I had to do a Live Video on the Dixie Belle Facebook page so I found this perfect piece “Offer up for $35.00” It was the perfect piece to do this technique on. I once did it on a door and they published it in the Flea Market Decor Magazine in the same way.

So as you all must know by now I am absolutely petrified of getting on camera and doing Live Videos, I might never do it if it wasn’t for my wonderful camera lady Hannah, my sweet daughter, so If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Its pretty simple really, I used only 3 colors, a chip brush, putty knife and Sea Spray. Thats all you need to get this amazing finish. You can catch the first part of it here: https://www.facebook.com/DixieBellePaint/videos/2566301013390345/

The first part is basic, I lightly added Vintage Duck Egg (no Sea Spray) to the whole piece, randomly and don’t make it perfect because you will be covering it up. Then I mixed up Putty and the Sea Spray (I just guesstimated) which really wasn’t that much, maybe a 1/4 cup. Then I applied the mixture with my putty knife to areas, mostly on the bottom and corners of the piece. I then mixed up the Vintage Duck Egg and the Sea Spray and used the putty knife and went over just about the whole piece again. This was my inspiration picture from Pinterest.

You can see here it is starting to chip and crackle away nicely.

Tip: When mixing the paint and Sea Spray use a little water. It helps a lot for when it dries it tends to chip more.

Tip: When putting on the texture with the putty knife always go with the grain of the wood and try for long strokes.

The next step I mixed up Savannah Mist and Sea Spray and that went just about all over the piece also, just short of going over the edges of the Vintage Duck Egg, and Don’t worry about going over the Putty because I also went back and added a little more of that after the piece was finished. If you have trouble with the putty knife I used my chip brush and added the paint in long strokes with it. Its not all exact science. Just take a step back and look at areas that may need a little more paint color. Just try to use long stokes when adding the textured paint.

I ran out of time on the Dixie Belle Page and Finished it up on a Live Video on my own site. You can catch it here:

Check out and order Products: https://dixiebellepaint.com?aff=183

I wanted the predominant color to be Savannah Mist, so that went over last. You can touch up with the remaining mix of Vintage Duck Egg and Putty in areas. To finish I sanded all the corners, including opening the door and sanding around that. Well thank you for reading, I always appreciate support. Let me know if you have any questions. These pictures will also be on my Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages, so be sure to check them out.


  • Sea Spray
  • Savannah Mist
  • Vintage Duck Egg
  • Putty
  • Putty knife
  • Chip brush

Tutorial: https://www.facebook.com/DixieBellePaint/videos/2566301013390345/

Tutorial: https://www.facebook.com/Restoreology/videos/727119191121786?sfns=mo

Shop: https://dixiebellepaint.com?aff=183

Thank you so much again,

Holly Phillips


  1. mimirhea says:

    Hi Holly! Thank you for sharing this. I did Pin it so i can watch those videos later. You said you used 1/4 cup of sea spray but i missed the amount of paint you put it in. Did you use am 8 oz sample jar with 1/4 cup sea spray?
    Thank you,


    1. restoreology says:

      Hey Cheryl, Yes I always use the 8oz jars, they are easier to open lol. But yes I probably used about half of the jar to 3/4 of it. But be sure to add just a little water it helps smooth out the Sea Spray and makes the paint go a long way and also helps the paint to chip. But I do like it kinda runny, not to thick. 👍🏻


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