“Rusty Nail”

“Rusty Nail” is just one of the most recent colors released by Dixie Belle Paints. Its a cross between a red and an orange color. Its a Fab Boho color… a dark coral if you ask me. It is one of those colors I have been on the hunt for lately.

I couldn’t wait for my box of paints to get here in the mail to start working on pieces using all the new colors. This piece I did was an old dresser I picked up and it really needed a makeover… It was the typical cherrywood style…. so yes, a coat of “Boss” on it to block the tannins…

The knobs were really old an they needed a little more pizazz… so what better then to add some Patina….

Dixie Belle has a great line of patina products, the Iron, Bronze and Copper and you can order the Blue and Green activator. On these knobs I used Bronze and the Green Patina spray. You apply a light coat of Bronze paint and let that dry and add another light coat and while it is wet you spray it with the green activator. Its super easy to use. I let them dry and added a light coat of wax to seal them.

After my coat of The Boss in clear dried I used some Caviar on the top, and I applied 2 coats. The base of this dresser I painted in the new Rusty Nail and in the center area I applied some Terra Cotta (also a color by Dixie Belle). After some water on my brush and a little blending I achieved the look I was looking for. I used just a little of the Terra Cotta because a little bit of Dixie Belle goes a long way. I was super happy with the results. I can’t wait to start working on the next new color. ❤️

  • Products:
    • The Boss, clear
      Rusty Nail
      Terra Cotta
      Bronze patina paint
      Green patina spray activator
      Clear wax
  • Order Products: https://dixiebellepaint.com?aff=183
  • Thank you so much for your support…

    Holly Phillips


    1. mimirhea says:

      i really like the way you blend the paint to make it look old. Love what you did with the knobs. Do you sell your pieces on Etsy? I am asking because the way i am going is mostly rustic and boho and not alot of people locally like that style. I am just starting this furniture painting adventure and any help or advice would be much appreciated. I follow you on Facebook and Instagram. Hopefully someday people will start following me. 🙂
      Thank you for everything


      1. restoreology says:

        Hey Cheryl. I know I follow you on Insta… I do sell on Etsy. I live in Las Vegas and furniture does not sell well at all here so I sell on Etsy so I can ship. I do not have anything currently to sell 🤪, last couple of months I have had a lot of custom orders. I love rustic boho, its always hard to tell which pieces sell the most. I also may suggest coming up with a cute name for your business, something that says “hey I paint furniture”. Lol. Just a suggestion. 😊😊😊. Thanks so much for following me.


    2. Eva Cannon says:

      I bought an old antique buffet that I’m using in an event space, and I’m refinishing it in these colors using this technique. Fingers crossed it turns out as beautiful as yours!


    3. hollykaystudio says:

      They are a perfect color match ❤️, I would love to see it when it’s done 😊


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