“Happy Mistakes”

Bob Ross was right, bad mistakes can be “Happy Mistakes”…. I picked up this cabinet from a girlfriend for $15.00. My plan was to use it in my garage to store all my Dixie Belle Paints for easy access. It has four nice shelves inside. I plan on putting some wheels on it so that I can easily wheel it away to get to my staging wall. Well, “curiosity killed the cat” and I was just dying to see what was underneath those old layers of paint.

I headed to Lowes and bought the strongest stripper I could find. The first coat seemed like it was working, second coat not so much, third coat and so forth was just a fail and after two days of scrapping and picking I finally gave up. I was so glad after to find out it was not special wood underneath at all, Just some sorta particle board. Boo hoo. Well, back to the ole drawing board. My fave color is Blue so just got out all my Dixie Belle Paints in Blue.

The first coat I applied was Peacock. My main goal was to get to The Gulf “another favorite color of Dixie Belle”. So next I added Cobalt Blue, I just held my water bottle in hand and wiped and sprayed. Then I used The Gulf in the same manner.

Next was splashes of Barn Red, Terra Cotta, and Colonel Mustard.

So now I am in Love…. It is now my “Happy Mistakes” cabinet.


  • Peacock
  • Cobalt Blue
  • The Gulf
  • Barn Red
  • Terra Cotta
  • Colonel Mustard
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    1. mimirhea says:

      Love it!! You make it sound so easy and that is not fair. I need someone to show me in person and then i will feel confident. A great piece to keep your paint in!


      1. restoreology says:

        No, it really is easy… I added paint and sprayed with water, thats it. I will try to make a video showing it 👍🏻. Try a practice board first till you feel confident… 😊😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Sara Sandstrom says:

          Oh yes please! A video would be awesome! Do you work with all wet paint when you “wipe and spray”? Or let a coat dry first before layering other colors? This piece is gorgeous!


        2. restoreology says:

          Thank you Sara. Yes the base coat was Peacock. It was pretty much a full coat and I let that dry before adding the other colors. 😊


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