Table Top Make-Overs

What started out as table top make-overs for my Live Video tutorial on the Dixie Belle Facebook page helped me turn my Grandma’s amazing Duncan Phyfe game table in to a usable piece of art. I am just loving it.

I see so many of these tables around but this time I actually “inherited” one… it was just the look I wanted for this piece… I started with some Stormy Seas and then a dry brush of Cotton. I just randomly “slapped” the Cotton all over. Then I added some Easy Peasy Wax and sprayed it all over the piece and wiped off the excess… I let that dry a little and took out some Dixie Dirt in Earth. I added all the dust in the cracks and crevices. This gave it the “dirty” look.

For the top I decided to paint the first part in Cotton and then used some Mud Puddle and Once that was dry I added a little Sand Bar in areas. Once completely dry I went over the top again with a wet brush and some Voo Doo Gel stain in White Magic…that was it. I sealed the top with my Big Mama’s Butta…

If you missed the tutorial you can catch the full version here 👉🏻

I was really happy with the way it turned out. I think Grandma would have liked it a lot. 😊.

  • Voodoo gel stain- White Magic
  • Stormy Seas
  • Cotton
  • Mud puddle
  • Sand Bar
  • Dixie Dirt – Earth
    Big Mama’s Butta

You can check out products here:

Just one last look with the painting I did of my Golden Haired Girl.

Thank you

Holly Phillips

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