Black Wash

I have recently became fascinated with all things Black lately…. I know grey was in for a while and still going strong, but I absolutely love a simple Black color for furniture.

When I picked up this amazing old “Italian” cabinet I knew it didn’t need a whole lot done to it so I decided to just give it more life with some Black Paint “Caviar” by Dixie Belle Paint..

When I say “wash”, I mean exactly that…. just a watered down color. You literally just wash it on and using a rag wipe off the areas that seem heavy or just where you want more of the wood underneath to show through.

For the gold pieces, which by the way are amazing, and what really attracted this piece to me, got just a finger dusting of Warm Gold Guilding wax. Voila… thats all there was to it…


  • Caviar
  • Warm Gold gilding wax
  • Brush
  • Rag

The Original marble top was just a bonus to this already awesome piece.

Check out all the products here:

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