Part I of II….


Many of you have heard of the style of furniture she has been named after, but not many know about her….. her name is “Jenny Lind”, she was born Johanna Marie in Sweden in 1820, she was a very famous Opera singer.  After taking Europe by storm and earning the name “The Swedish Nightingale” Lind sailed to New York in 1850 where she was met with great fanfare, she toured under the management of P.T. Barnum and she toured across America.  Apartment Therapy quoted her as being the “Lady Gaga” of her days.  So, in fact, Jenny Lind was never a company brand but was a style of furniture named after her.  Cribs and beds were typically a classic in children’s bedrooms, distinguished by the turned posts or what we call spindles.  So why was this particular furniture named after her???  Well come to find out lots of things were named after her such as The Nightingale “a clipper ship, the Jenny Lind Polka, parks, streets and even a Gold Rush era California town.  It is told that she reportedly slept in a Bed with turned spindles, therefore, the name Jenny Lind.

Now that you know all about her, and maybe have even owned or slept in a Jenny Lind bed then you know that her furniture namesake is still as popular as ever, somewhat even more in the twenty-first century,  the rest of this story gets better because if you’re as sentimental like me then you will appreciate the rest of this story.    Part II to be continued……